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InScope International Has Received Bridge Funding from ExWorks Capital to Meet Its Rapidly Expanding Needs

Genesis Capital is pleased to announce InScope International, Inc. (“InScope”) has received bridge funding from ExWorks Capital (“ExWorks”).

InScope is a Virginia based company that specializes in federal IT services and professional staffing. The company’s customer base includes civilian and defense agencies and commercial customers. After more than fifteen years in operation, InScope has experienced significant growth on top of its existing business.

ExWorks Capital provided InScope with working capital financing in order to support its current client base and projected growth. 

About InScope International

InScope International is a mission-driven IT services company whose pursuit of global issues differentiates the company from capabilities-oriented or industry-aligned professional services firms. By appropriately applying tenants of the “triple bottom line” philosophy (consciously considering profit, people, and planet), the company differentiates itself from the conventional ways of conducting business. InScope carefully examines business opportunities to ensure that they not only represent significant market opportunities, but that they also have the potential to drive positive meaningful impact in society.

About ExWorks Capital

ExWorks Capital provides export, import and specialty trade financing solutions to underserved U.S. companies and qualified international buyers. ExWorks Capital is partnered with RedRidge Finance Group, a Chicago, IL based specialty lender and professional services company providing financing solutions and due diligence services. Redridge focuses on financing for growth, acquisitions, and restructurings.

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