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Proven Process

We employ a high level of focus and execution that delivers proven results. While we believe that each situation is unique, we also strongly believe that no transaction will be successful without following a proven process tested and based on experience. Each potential assignment, regardless of size, is given the same attention and focus and always starts with building a strong relationship. Genesis Capital has built its reputation by providing truly independent, conflict-free advice. Our approach follows the following key phases:

  • Due Diligence Investigation: review of operations, key contracts, financials, projections and other areas that may drive value and affect options. During this stage, we also determine the specific goals and objectives of parties involved.
  • Present Potential Range of Alternatives: Genesis Capital reviews and presents the full range of potential options to best meet the goals and objectives desired. We believe in educating our potential clients and companies on all alternatives available for liquidity, growth and/or strategic partnerships.   


  • Determine the Ideal Alternative(s): collectively decide on which path to pursue based on the objectives determined and the likely outcomes. Depending on the situation, the opportunity may exist to pursue more than one alternative at a time.
  • Execute Accordingly: pursue desired alternatives with goal to bring options to the table for our clients to consider. On a capital raise, liquidity, or sell-side this may include preparing marketing materials, contacting potential partners or sources of capital, and ultimately receiving offers or feedback. On the acquisition or buy-side, this may include determining capacity to finance a transaction, identifying acquisition targets, contacting targets, and ultimately deciding whether the target is a fit.
  • Review Options and Decide on Path to Pursue: review and evaluate all options available to our clients. Discuss pros and cons of each option and choose which path to pursue to achieve the desired outcome.
  • Close Transaction: once a path is chosen we work with our clients and their attorneys to consummate a transaction, including facilitating the diligence process, negotiating the purchase agreement, positioning key points, and ultimately signing and closing the transaction.

Regardless of which alternative we are pursuing, we maintain discipline and employ the above process to ensure we get the best result for our clients and achieve their desired outcome.


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